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RDS - System A axial


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System A axial


is available for:


Futaba S3150, S3155, S3172SV, S3174SVI, S3173SVI

MKS DS6125 mini, DS6125 Glider, DS6100

KST 125, 135

Graupner/JR DS3288, DS171, DS179, DS189, DS378

Graupner DES428 = Hyperion DS09 AMD

Turnigy S712G

Consisting of:

1x Servoframe with glidebearing

1x RDS-aluminium-mandrel

1x Steel-wire with 30° or 60° angle

1x Brass-pin for fixing

Price Futaba: 41,50 Euro /Set (34,87 without VAT)

Price Futaba S3173SVI: 39,50 Euro /Set (33,19 without VAT)

Price MKS: 39,50 Euro /Set (33,19 without VAT)

Price Graupner/ JR: 39,50 Euro/Set (33,19 without VAT)

The bearing of the RDS-pin is fixed on the servoframe.


Advantage: Simplified installation


Disadvantage: Due to the distance from the bearing block to the hinge is the linkage a little bit softer than a system B axial linkage.

There is also a aperture in the spar needed to pitch the bended wire in the box.


Use: For all models which are not excessively used.

Deflection is possible up to 80° without any warping.



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