RDS with finished internal toothing

RDS-linkage will be put on the servo-cog and fixed by a set-screw which presses on a brass-pin screwed in the servo-cog.

The angled steel-wire will be cemented with a Loctite 638 (UHU Endfest 300) in left- and right- oriented version

and set into a box in the flap when mounted.

Our RDS – Systems overview

System A
System A axial
System B
System B axial
System C
System D
System E
System F
System F axial

Note:      1 unit = RDS system for 1 servo

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This video shows the operating principle of AXIAL RDS

RDS Assembly video on Crossover model

This video shows RDS on profile

RDS operating principle on a simple flap-model

This video shows RDS on H-Model Arcus Tiplet

This video shows RDS System F axial