About us

Ober Flugmodellbau develops, produces and sells high quality equipment for sailplaning for the category F3B and F3J.

Because of a very well feedback from hobby- and profipilots as well as own experience of many years, our products are continuously improved and optimized. Meanwhile Ober Flugmodellbau products are well known and appreciated around the globe.

Since 1995 Günther Ober is head of Ober Flugmodellbau.

In the tender age of 10 Günther Ober started model-airplaning. Henceforth he strived to develop and build planes and equipment by himself. Therefore, since his time at model-airplane-competitions first designs of glas-fiber-reinforced-sailplanes and cable winches for self use were born.

Little by little other buddies desired those planes and equipment, therefore Günther Ober made his mind up to produce winches and equipment professionally in series. For lack of time fewer sailplane-models were build since then.

Meanwhile the complete Family is engaged in Ober Flugmodellbau.

The Ober Flugmodellbau Team:

Günther Ober        Development, Production, Technical Service
Eve Maria Ober    Sales and Distribution, Book keeping
Andreas Ober        Design, Production, Technical Service
Roland Ober        Webmaster, Translation
Ramona Ober        Photodocumentation



Ober Flugmodellbau

Günther Ober

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